Kere Buchanan - Could This Be Love
Kere Buchanan - Goodbye Yesterday
Kere Buchanan - If You Need Somebody
The Beach Boys - Summers Gone
The Beach Boys - Thats Why God Made The Radio
The Beach Boys - From There To Back Again
The Beach Boys - Isnt It Time
Joe Walsh - Analog Man
Joe Walsh - Family
Joe Walsh - One Day at A Time
Ed Motta - Playthings of Luv
Ed Motta - Simple Guy
Ed Motta - 1978 (Leave the Radio On)
Ed Motta - Dondi
Ed Motta - Lost in the Night
Venice - When I Come Back
Venice - When I'm Gone
Venice - Chemistry
Venice - The Go to Guy
Venice - Things That Always Make Me Thin
Tom Kell - Sometimes
Tom Kell - Which Road